Tracks & Seminars



High School Track

High School Juniors and Seniors, join us for seminars geared especially for you. This year’s track comes with a twist, as we are incorporating “Club” led by Vince Gordon and Young Life. Consider this as a party with a purpose centered on the message of the Gospel.

Alumni Track

Alumni, or young adults and professional, over 22 years old, we have seminars geared toward you. More information on Alumni track seminars coming soon!

Launching Track

This new track is designed for those wanting to launch an Impact Chapter!

Pastor and Church Leaders Track

Starting with check-in on Dec 28 at 11 am, and followed by lunch at 12 noon, all sessions for your track will occur in a designated room (location TBD). The last session ends at 5 pm on December 29. If you are staying at the hotel, your room reservation is included in the cost so no need to call the hotel front desk to reserve a room.

The Hilton Hotel offers $25 for self parking and $40 for valet. There are less expensive options with parking garages near the hotel.

The following packages include an evening plenary session, seminars designed for you, a president's reception, and three meals: Dec 28 - lunch and finger food snacks (at the reception); Dec 29 - breakfast & lunch. The full schedule will be available when you check in.

  • $275 per person: Hotel (Friday night, single occupancy)

  • $175 per person: Commuter

This seminar will give you the tools to best help those who suffer from various traumas experienced by people in your community.

This seminar will discuss some of the spiritual challenges facing the emerging leaders and today’s leaders, including issues that divide the generations…

In this session we will look at the pathways young adults are following to faith in Christ.  We will discuss the methods effective churches are using to present the gospel message that are reaching and keeping millennials.



Seminars (updated as new seminars are added)

Who Do You Say I Am?:
In America, many call themselves Christian because they go to church or because they aren't Muslim/Hindu/etc. However, because I stand in a garage, does that make me a car? Who I say Jesus is really determines if the title Christian really fits me.

Righteous Revolutionaries: God has called us to relationship with us but He has also called us to be the light of the world, seek justice, and defend the oppression. Far to often we stop at the relationship. In this seminar we will explore how God has called us to relationship and activism, how we can begin to live our lives as Righteous Revolutionary, people that put their faith into action seeking opportunities to share the gospel on campus, with friends and family, serving their community, being a part of fight for justice for Black Students and all people of color on UW-Madison campus, in the community, and the world.

Wounded Heart: If sexual trauma is part of your ministry and you’re influencing those who are survivors of sexual trauma or you yourself are a survivor, this is for you. Hear from leading experts in the field and others who share their stories.

Going Deep w/Jesus: The most important part of our journey as believers and followers of Christ is our relationship with Jesus. That relationship is very much like the relationship we have with others but if you are pursuing this relationship with Jesus for the first time it can me hard to figure out where to start. This seminar will provide tools to help you grow deeper in your journey with God.

Can I be Greek and Saved?: As a believer, how do identify if I should and when would be the best time to join a Greek letter organization? If so, how do I honor God as a member of a Greek letter organization? Why is it so hard to balance being Greek and a believer that desires to reflect Christ on my campus? In this seminar, you will hear from a panel of Greek Believers and how they navigated being Greek and a believer.

Praying Scripture: There are hundreds of books written about prayer making it more confusing than it already is to identify how we should be praying for our families, friends, current situations, etc. In this seminar, we will be begin to unpack how we can begin to use the bible as a guide for our daily prayer life.

So you messed up...Now what?: Sometimes we fall into to sin, intentionally or mistakingly, and causes us to question our salvation, God’s call our life, our worthiness and maybe even make us feel like we can’t come back from this.  Asking ourselves questions like, will God really forgive me for doing that?? Why am I struggling with the consequences of my choices if God has already forgiven us?  In this seminar, we will discover how to keep moving forward on our discipleship journey, living a life of freedom and peace.

Understanding the scriptures in today’s time: Biblical IQ: With the reality that we live in today, many times we wonder if scripture that was written thousands of years ago can really be applied to the lives we live today. If it can be, how can I began to study the Bible in a way that would help me begin to apply the lessons and guidance provide to today’s reality. This seminar will began to give you to tools to begin to study the word and begin to apply it to your everyday life.

Let’s Talk about (SEX)uality: The church does not do a good job helping us discuss sexuality. Before we can have an authentic conversation about what is right and wrong, we need a proper view of our sexuality, and what God intended for us in our physical bodies. This seminar will provide an opportunity to discuss what is healthy sexuality and how to have a proper view of sex in light of our sexuality.